Cover photo for c.m.

"to whom I share my future with"

I hope you don't mind that my socks will take up a whole drawer,
my feet get cold easily,
and when I'm with you I'd like them to be warm.

also know that my books will need a whole wall dedicated to them,
some are yellowed and have small tears,
but they're the first thing I would save should a fire happen.

please note that I'm bringing excessive amounts of junk as well,
they remind me of good days you see,
and I'm quite a forgetful person.

oh did I mention the pillows that will inevitably hog the bed?
I just love the comfort and softness they offer,
but perhaps they'll be replaced by you.

of course I can't forget the jungle of plants I own,
they grow with me and they'll die with me,
maybe we could do that together too.

this is a warning letter,
in case it wasn't clear enough,
or maybe it's an invitation for anyone who's just as such.